Sunday, 16 October 2011


Today (16th of Oct) is blog action day and world food day.
Today us the day everyone who signed up (millions of people all around the world) will blog about food.
I was not sure what to blog about; hunger in third world countries, nutrition in general or even a recipe I like. But what I have decided to do is list my top 10 favourite foods as I'm sure everyone else will blog about everything else better than I could have had. so here it goes!..
1) has to be chocolate (no doubt about it!)
2) ice-cream (twisters in particular)
3) roast potatoes
4) stuffing
5) I know it's actually a meal but still... Christmas dinner!
6) cheese (only cheddar)
7) eggs (especially when fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, as egg mayonnaise, omelets or any other way of eating eggs!)
8) strawberry smoothies
9) coffee (I now its not really a food but still, I love it :) )
10) and finally, last but not least... melon!
Well there you go, my top 10 favourite foods!!! 

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